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af64376a4b930463bcf94db73f3c07d0 (1)Ketu is a continuation of the planet Rahu - his torso. History of, how and why it happened can be read here. Ketu is also an invisible planet and moves is understandable as Rahu, but occasionally they are able to remain in direct motion.

Ketu has negative energy and often brings a person to the big problems in life, if he is in good houses or aspected benefic planets, then the person can godly destiny. Continue reading


peaceRahu is a planet that has no physical mass and is not accessible to the human eye. It exists in the higher plane so was named shadow planet.

It is believed that the Rahu always be in retrograde movement and nativity man shows his past karma and karmic task, to be solved in this embodiment. Continue reading

Honour (Saturn)

saturnShani or Saturn at that word a lot of people in the memory pops up view, that this planet brings man troubles and misfortunes.

Saturn is the planet of spiritual transformation, that each of us has to go. Shani Dev is considered severe spiritual guide for all living beings.

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Shukra (Venus)

104961149_yantra_veneruyOn this planet is connected person named Sukracarya - what it means, white, life or seed. Shukra refers to the favorable planets and is the spiritual mentor of demons (demigods with demonic consciousness). Continue reading