What is the danger IMAGING?

1717371Thanks to psychologists and writers, It has recently become a very popular topic of visualization. Visualization is perceived by people, both fascinating and harmless process, through which a person tries to dominate his destiny.

In this practice, there are many moments, that can harm humans, if he does not know about them. Continue reading

How to find your destiny?

ago.Each person has an understanding of, it is very important to realize themselves in the activities of, which will bring satisfaction and peace of Finance. But not everyone knows, how to do it.

Hundreds, if not thousands,, such seekers, He tried his hand at various activities. But, none of them satisfied, frustrated and stop searching for your destination. This is at best, at worst – They are completely disillusioned with life and go to the binge, pouring alcohol Continue reading

WHAT Nativities? What it does:?

QqApdfLUNyQToday term “astrology” many familiar, but, what the natal chart and why it is needed, understand not all. The natal chart is compiled on the basis of the exact time and date of a person's birth.

Figuratively speaking, the natal chart – this photo, which at the time of birth of a baby, it was filmed Continue reading

The strength of a woman in her weakness!

Why the wife should not claim a dominant role in the family? For many women, this is a matter of perplexity and indignation. how so! To clarify this issue and not let women feel offended, you need to understand the nature of women and men, which is the correct priority of their duties.
Vedicheskaya astrology practically explains the essence of masculinity and femininity and their mutual complement each other.