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Inese 26.02.2017

Thank you, You! The consultation was very useful and important in time.

Natalia Hofinher 26.12.2016

When long time wandering in darkness and no longer hoping to find the right way…When adversity as a burden dragging down…Will fall? Will stay…Suddenly mind finds hint! Why not try? Dear Jaroslav, Your advice was for me a guide, clear star in my personal darkness. Thank you for, you not only master of his craft and a wonderful psychologist, carefully, polite and sympathetic person! I wish you and your family happiness and joy, prosperity and abundance!

Marina 20.12. 2016

I applied for an individual consultation to the Yaraslau, since so I wanted to look at your life as a whole, to know themselves more deeply and finally understand – who I, where I am and where I?! All clarified consultation with my calculation natal chart. The planets were given answers to the major and minor events in my life. I understood from his mission in life, destination, what challenges come into this life, accepted anything from the past! What is important work, and in what ways it is possible to make! Something to think about in which direction to go! generally, personally for me, information was valuable, thank Yaroslav!

Catherine 24. 10. 2016

I want to say thank you very much, Yaroslav for consultation. Thanks to her, there was an understanding of who I am, which for me are the tasks and lessons. I is important to understand where to go and consultation gave answers to many questions. There was little confidence) is small, but I will raise it))) the most important thing I got practical tips and how to correct it. I will move forward. Jaroslav, thanks for the help and support!


Oksana 23. 10. 2016

Jaroslav, Thank you for your advice and indication, that need to be worked, to change lives for the better. All you good, success in self-development and achievements.


Svetlana 06. 10. 2016

The consultation brought tangible assistance and support!!! Very skilled and professionally provided information of interest to me,with gratitude and pleasure to recall our consultations, only wish it would be to write the recommendations and need to re-read them!!! Thank you!!!

Inna 17.08.16

The consultation was very informative. Judging by, Jaroslav described as a major event, my life, rectification bыla held just. It is like the approach of Yaroslav - he answered only those questions, that bothered me at the moment, affecting "passing home" only, when it comes to the main theme. He gave a number of recommendations to the question "what to do", He explained how to follow. He gave me information in plain language, I answered all the questions. Honestly, pretty much cleared, why so, and not in another, and how to be. Highly recommend Jaroslav as astrology!


Larissa 10.08.16

Dear Jaroslav, thank you for your advice! I thought it was absolutely necessary at the moment! I am infinitely glad, that you have given me more than an hour of your precious time! Very appreciate your sincere desire to help me to understand the issues of concern to me, impressed, how tactfully you talked about moments, I related to my negative karma and give real advice, how to deal with. I have received satisfactory answers to their questions, and emotional support, wherein as needed, and faith, that everything is solved. During the consultation I felt confidence in myself, talents in, that the Lord gave me, as well as the need to implement them - the natural way to a happy life. Also, it became clear, that we should not go on about their fears and doubts, that is the way to suffering really. feels, you - highly skilled astrologer, master of his craft, able to understand people. This is incredibly valuable in our time! I will recommend your services to my friends. I sincerely wish you the fulfillment of your deepest desires, happiness, prosperity to you and your family, sweet relationship! hare Krishna.

Ksenia 27. 07. 2016

Thank Jaroslav for consultations! Thanks to you I received peace and understanding of what is happening, and most importantly - hope and a guide to action! You inspired me! hare Krishna!

Sergey Bat 01. 07. 2016

Thank Jaroslav for astrological consultation! Very impressed with you, our conversation! I have learned a lot of new things for themselves and in the general, although you had to consult with other astrologers. Thank you so much! Wish you happiness!!!

Anonymous 04. 06. 2016

Go consultation Yaroslav inspired me with many questions, I have for many years could not decide. I could not understand myself, understand yourself, understand, what I want to do and why it is always so, Anyway knocks Health. Eventually, passing consultation, I found answers to questions even Nate, which is no longer expected to find answers. I clearly understand the pros and cons of his character, my purpose in this life, in what direction should move, over, than it is necessary to work hard, and exactly where to invest resources. In some ways, Jaroslav opened my eyes to many things. Did not think, astrologer so deeply will help me to deal with all, that interested me. Now my life has become more conscious, for which I am very grateful to the Yaraslau!

Denis Alekseev 25.05.2016

I would like to leave a review about Yaroslav.
In my life there is a difficult situation in life. I am divorced with his wife and to avoid more mistakes, I turned to the Yaraslau. Many heard about Vedic astrology and decided to check in practice all. I needed help in making the compatibility with the girl, I chose.

Jaroslav very seriously approached this issue and laid me on the shelves, all the details and nuances were they taken into account (however, there are no trifles must). Honestly, I was shocked, the accuracy with which Yaroslav told me and my beloved. His help was so me time, it is not put into words. I heartily thank Yaroslav for his advice and guidance. I want to say to all who turn to the Yaraslau -You never will not regret it!
This is a very highly quality plus it's good character traits ! I wish everyone happiness! Jaroslav thank you very much!

Maria current 30. 04. 2016

I am very grateful to you for your knowledge and your work, the time and effort spent on me. Many thanks! I came to you in a very difficult situation, when I did not see and did not understand the output, everything was very bad, and I do not know, what to do. After drawing up a horoscope I literally gained new strength, like a second wind, and a thick wall, around me, as though there was a door. Thank you very much for this! I dont know, how to express in words my gratitude.

Now I seem gained sight and touch do not move, including speculation and doubts, but I know, what to do. Of course, magically nothing has changed and will have to make a big job, but I had the strength to do and the desire to act, already more consciously. The next morning I woke up a new man! Thanks you! It was very easy and nice to talk with you, I felt full confidence in and will exactly follow all recommendations, How long will my powers and abilities. thanks for the help!

Alena Ostrovskaya 23.04.2016

Thank you so much, Jaroslav, for consultation!
In my opinion, calculation natal chart was accurate.
On the other hand opened up to me a few moments of personal qualities, which, perhaps, previously ignored. The forecast was said indeed that, I correspond, and that close to me. I expect to hear the sphere of activity, which should develop. properly, and I heard Thanks for this, Jaroslav!
understood, that there is a lot of work and that more need to develop a.
The most important thing for me was to understand, in consultation, than the most favorable to do in life, to reveal its nature. the, that astrology influences on human life, I felt it, but sometimes I forget)). About Vedic Astrology learned relatively recently. After consulting more convinced, how much important in our lives and that astrology can and should adjust their actions in life.

Xenia Kalinichenko 15.04.2016

No errors were, forecasts were quite faithful. From consultations with confirmation expected data and a deeper understanding of their. Liked tactful and correct conversation, interest to help the interlocutor. Central to the consultations were quite deep and true disclosure of the issues in my opinion prioritization for future consultations with a deep study of the.
On the influence of planets on human life I have read and heard, trust, they directly change a person's life. About Vedic Astrology heard and had experience with astrologer, I read books.

Dmitry Zhundrikov 14.04 2016

astrology, proved itself, as an exact science, and gave me the answers to your questions. The consultations were held at the level of understanding between me and astrologer. Thank you, Jaroslav!

Oksana Koleva 10. 04. 2016

Very accurate, although some of the things I learned for the first time ... No errors were, everything exactly. Expectations were met, all explained in detail, understandably, qualitatively. Responses received for yourself, there are over, than working. No comments no, because I really liked the whole consultation, this is exactly, I expected, astrologer gave me exactly, what I was meant to be and over what I work. The most important thing to know, where to go, what purpose and how to develop themselves further. Always believe, that astrology is an integral part of life and human behavior. I heard about it, but it is never used, So today, much has been a revelation to me.

Elena Klochko 08. 04. 2016

Calculation of the natal chart, who made Yaroslav, I was sufficiently precise and consistent with my life. Much has opened for me a new, but perhaps for that “new” I asked to make this calculation. It was very nice to talk with Yaroslav, receive from him answers to my questions confused. The most important thing: I got a recommendation “how to live”.)) It was very important for me to hear it from another person, professional. I think, I will return again and again to this nice astrologer. I've heard a lot about Vedic Astrology, but the communication experience for me was the first, and I'm glad, that fate led me precisely to this astrologer.

Artyom Molokin 04.04.2016

I am very close to all that you say about my nature and of what I deal with, I do this pulls. Errors I have not noticed. I expected to understand more setting his mind in terms of the needs of a specific type of activity. You said it, I felt, but could not articulate. the, Lions that no one helps, is the deepest knowledge, because I really expected from the continued support of senior, rather than short-term reassurance. Everything was amazing, Thank you for your time, You really helped, really busy with useful work. Hope, get you, serve.

Natalia Rogacheva

Stunningly accurate and detailed interpretation of the natal chart on the issues raised!!! From consultation received more information, than expected! I received confirmation of his inner being one to one!!! It was important to, what exactly it was given in accordance with the characteristics of the particular position of the planets in the houses and signs!!! It has long heard about Vedic astrology and believed in its influence, and today on the advice received to all the evidence about the impact of astrology on life and my behavior!!! Thank you, Jaroslav!

Bogdan Kharkov 04.03.2016

I saw, my interest in certain topics and activities, “gifts” the fate of no accidental. Also, as the innermost desires and dreams. In a sense, the calculation appeared to me “Released” planning and achieving the most daring and my best intentions. I find it difficult to talk about mistakes, t. to. I am not a professional in this field. I trusted astrologer, t. to. high opinion about the organization, wherein it comprises.

I became acquainted with the Vedic astrology through lectures Torsunova About. T. and I perceive astrology, as a sign, or metaphor “heaven” as to, what man came, and what is the way he is ordained. As it will be this way, and whether it will be held, It depends on the person. Astrology can help the knowledge how to do it better. And it “better” It should not be understood in a narrow, egoistiçeskom smısle, but in the sense “better for everyone, for the universe as a whole”. I not only got the answer, and inspiration, to move forward to its best dreams. I felt a sincere interest in the interlocutor and the desire to be helpful. This in itself “therapy” for the soul and it helps to better “hear” himself.

The most important advice to me was the information about the membership of a particular varna and description of the best opportunities, given to me, for implementing in the social sphere. One of the insights, which came after the consultation was, that stealing, with whom I have encountered many times at the same time (I just “elected, as sticky” and there was nothing to prove), it was kind “otzvukom” my negative karma.

I think, what vedicheskaya astrology It may be a way for the spiritual and personal development. If I say quite simply, then not only the planets and the constellations affect us, but ourselves also their behavior affects relations “their” to us. And this in turn helps us in solving various issues.

Alexey Fedotov 03.03.2016

Calculation of my natal chart was accurate and consistent with the basic characteristics of my character and destiny. No errors were, and from consultations expected clarification of some important aspects of my life. (I forgot to tell you Yaroslav, that the day before the workshop I had a dream, where I met with the astrologer (old woman) in a big beautiful mall, and she told me very necessary and inspiring information to me. Feelings of sleep were very benevolent and inspiring, it gave me confidence in our strength). The results of your consultation were akin to sleep).

Developed and improved, do not lose this pure feeling of helping people, I felt it. The most important thing in the consultation was the understanding of some of my samskaras and final confirmation of my caste. Jyotish not, to believe that, I just know, that astrology influences the life and human behavior. About Vedic Astrology much heard, and some – what do I know…

Anastasia Kondratieff 28. 02. 2016

The information received has enabled increasingly look inward, in the gut. Do not look for that is unknown outside, and draw bigger on the inside. I think, that people tend to strive to be the, who we are not, do not pay attention and do not appreciate their true gifts. In fact, all, I learned from the consultation, I saw a well-known and, just always relegated to the 2nd plan, and even more now I have more self-confidence, durability and feel support. There is something to make a start for further maneuvering through life)))

Anonymous 24. 02. 2016

For all 100% authentically. Errors are not noticed. I expect something new for me and not known. I get answers, in what direction to go and what to do might. true, I do not know, how relations develop in your personal life is to me is a mystery. understood, that was in the right direction, It leads me more in life intuition and awareness. Astrology, of course, always believe, and behavior is also influenced and very funny, that at times some, not possibly be explained, why so, and not otherwise…

Elkhan Huseynov 06. 02. 2016

I expect that it will help me to understand myself, realize where my place which I purpose, where I can best express myself. I expect that it will help me to mate with the difficulties and obstacles in life. Very accurate, much seems to me. Most forecasts were correct. Much has realized himself and realized, as I need to act. I really enjoyed the chat, very inspired by the personal story of Yaroslav, he found himself. personal relationships, I myself was the natal chart with the program, but not much has ruled himself out for this, personal consultation with a live astrologer helped me much more. I heard about Vedic astrology and listened to some lectures on it. I Believe, that the position of stars and planets influence on the destiny of man to a greater or lesser degree.

The only wish to sent to me natal chart, Description caste - Sudra mildly, not very flattering, I think not everyone will be able to accept such an interpretation especially those, who are not familiar with the Vedic culture, I think it is necessary to specify more positive qualities of varna and softer describe the negative qualities.

Diane Blue 27. 01. 2016

Firstly, very grateful for that opportunity, as fate and Yaroslav, which “came” in my life in a right moment for me!!! Initially accepted this possibility is not so serious, but after learning more about astrology and Vedic having consultation, never spared. During consultations learned important things, Jaroslav heard of it, that she was afraid to voice, got to say yes “kick in the ass”, which made the move in the right direction! After consulting overestimated his vision and many things calmed down to some extent))) Jaroslav gave me the key to development! Available explain such important information! Once again, thank you very much for this opportunity, in such a priceless gift!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous 20.10.2015

Insanely grateful Yaroslav, for the proposal and for the very creation of the natal chart. For the patience and is accessible explanation, at first sight, incredible things. For knowledge, which I opened, thanks to which I can find my way in life, and that way, I should show your child. Also thank you very much for a mere friendly advice!) Happiness and success to you!

Tatyana Reznikov 10.10.2015

I am sincerely grateful for Yaroslav, that he shared information, their knowledge and life experience. It's nice to know the subtleties of communicating, the nuances, canons “earthly life”. After he heard the horoscope – many things became clear, and honestly, easier on the soul. thank you again!

Miroslava goat 02.10.2015

Jaroslav make offer natal chart was quite unexpected (as we have known it for some time). Initially rejected this idea, but after a week or two it was a turning point, When I wanted some tips or advice on how to improve your life, to avoid problems. Jaroslaw was very comfortable working, What a psychologist home - listen, tell, submit (and we worked a long time - he paid about 2 hours several days in a row). With Horoscope took for themselves a lot of valuable information. Go to drastically change his life and certainly can not very visible or apparent no change, but still took very little time and I still have a lot of work on themselves (by the way, it must tune in advance - by itself will not change anything)!

But since, I notice now, and of course, Thank you for this Yaroslav, because it gave rise to it - correctly organized a day and night mode. It has become more relaxed, full of energy, balanced and happier. Читаю літературу, якою він завалив мене під зав’язку) І кожного дня в мене все більше натхнення щось змінювати в собі, розвиватися! Звертайтеся – не пошкодуєте! 🙂

Влад Karnak 28.09.2015

For me, Jaroslav has a very notable place in my life. Not the first time we've known and been in different situations. Always a pleasure to talk with a man, who thinks and lives differently, than other surrounding. Many interesting topics, I received from him for razdumyvaniya. And then directly asked me to make a natal chart.

Frankly, I was surprised ... all that characterized my life, everything came together. I learned a lot, I ought to be done for certain decisions of my situation. This is the work of a highly, For works not with the physical side of his nature, and with esoteric. I would recommend everyone to know your natal chart. This is a very interesting and useful in the future, can bring good changes in your life. Thank Jaroslav for his knowledge and ability to transfer this knowledge and teach.

Valentina Mironenko 12.09.2015

Overall I was quite skeptical about horoscopes. But Jaroslaw offered to make my natal chart is in a life time, When accumulated more questions, than answers. So I decided to try. AND, oddly enough, from the first minutes after my talk, I realized horoscope, not wrong. Everything is so consistent with my character, my life, that all my skepticism somewhere weathered:) We talked with Yaroslav long time - about two hours for three consecutive days. Fair, tsі years past nepomіtno, For Jaroslav telling all very fast, briefly and immediately linked to my specific life situations. In the end, it turned out not just Horoscope, but also psychoanalysis. With practical advice, how to proceed.

Fluctuating - to contact Yaroslava or not, I advise you to immediately discard doubts about his competence, responsibility, mindfulness etc.. Here he distinguished himself with good hand. The only question, you do have to answer to themselves: Are you following horoscope apply this knowledge in practice? Are you ready yourself to take full responsibility for your life and change so, and that your life has changed for the better? For Yaroslav for you will not do:), he just tells, in which direction to move forward.

Basil Zuber 09.09.2015

With Yaroslav I already know a few years. In my life he helped me in many problems, I thought, I have not yet learned, it only lessons, I must go. But when it was my natal chart, I was surprised - half questions, in which I wanted to understand, immediately decided. Now I know, why and for what, I happened to be in different situations. On a horoscope I became easier to live - it is a weapon in the battle in their own destiny. I understood, what actions entail problems and sufferings. I am very grateful, and I would like to, so that more people acquainted with their natal chart.

Zdenka 04.09.2015

I would like to thank you for creating a horoscope as well as displacement of my life to another level. Since when do I set up a horoscope I see more events, that took place and take place in my life. I was also assured, In which areas of work and what I tend to pay more attention. I was thrilled and accurate description of my people and I am happy, I know that thanks to the horoscope, what areas of life got better and what do I particularly focus. He also pointed out the family relationships, in which I have more work, and to somehow prevent negative events. This horoscope understood as something very positive and I am grateful, that I had the opportunity to know a little more about my life and my future.


I would like to thank you for drawing my natal chart, as well as the displacement of my life to the next level. Since then, I went Astro-psychological consultation, I understand more events, that occurred and are occurring in my life. I am also convinced, in any professional field should work and what to pay more attention. I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the description of my personality, and I'm glad, what, thanks astrological consultation, I learned, what areas of my life, I should improve and what you need, special, focus. Natal chart pointed to family relationships, over which I have the most work, to prevent negative events. Composed horoscope is for me something very positive, and I am grateful, I had the opportunity to learn a little more about my life and my future.

Vitaly club 27.08.2015

By Yaroslav I addressed the first time around 3-4 months ago. After hearing from friends about his ability to make astrological charts, I immediately wrote to him, I want that too! Giving me a lot of time and patience, Jaroslav spread in almost all the shelves, than I lived. I am very grateful to him for help, For "Knowledge – it is light!». Now I have a reference point, where to go. My compass in life is my card! Recently I was asked to Yaroslav second time. At this time, the problem of, that torments me is not the first year, but now a clear aggravation. Now I'm moving on the healing path, I hope and believe, that soon I will leave here a ton of thanks and wishes for happiness! Fortunately Daru!

Tatьjana Naumkina 22.08.2015

Once I had a horoscope I had the impression, that my past life I was told as a book. At first, I, of course, I was shocked, and then began to think, in fact it is the case. And you know, the most interesting?! If I offered to pass such an astrological consultation, some absolutely stranger, I would maybe agree, but I would not have penetrated so much detail. Notes, my dear, old, добрый друг 😉 знаешь, how such a complex, human-readable, information to convey to the people. thank you so much. I wish you success in all your affairs :).

Basil Dovhanych 19.08.2015

The mere fact, I was made horoscope, He pushed me to seek and develop their spirituality. And the essence of the horoscope gave Me to understand, I can change, he should change, and what has to come to terms. But this is all nonsense, because even without horoscope, I have followed the right path, because I have a "torch", friend and teacher. I'll be eternally grateful!)