In groups and individual training Jyotish.
Basic Course Vedic Astrology - 40 training on 2 o'clock.
Individual selection of time and busy schedules.



For some, this online course?

This course is for those, who are willing to take responsibility for their lives. For those, who are ready to answer questions: Who am I, where I was and where I. And as for those, who want to help their relatives and friends to understand themselves and find answers to the most complex questions in life.

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What is included in the online course "Basic course of Vedic astrology for beginners"?

  • Introductory lecture. What are the Vedas and the Vedic culture. The division of the Vedas. The purpose of the Vedas. 4 the principle of purity of consciousness. What Jyotish. Place in Jyotish Vedic culture. Origin of Jyotish. Founding Fathers of Jyotish. Types of Jyotish. The components of Jyotish. Who is Ganesha. Mantra Ganesha. Karma. Forms of karma.
  • Seminar “life Goals”. Proper alignment of priorities in life for men and women. Objectives astrologer. quality astrologer. Particular attention is prayer. The three modes of material nature (ignorance, passion, goodness). How to build relationships with parents. Harmonisation of the Sun, Moon and Jupiter. Support sort.
  • Graham – Suriya (The sun) Vedic astrology. Sun Records in Vedic Astrology. Sun weak / strong, good / bad quality. The sun and the three modes of material nature.
  • Graham – Chandra (Moon) Vedic astrology. Indicators of the Moon in Vedic Astrology. Luna weak / strong, good / bad quality. The moon and the three modes of material nature.
  • Graham – Mangala (Mars) Vedic astrology. Indicators of Mars in Vedic Astrology. Mars is weak / strong, good / bad quality. Mars and the three modes of material nature.
  • Graham – Buddha (Mercury) Vedic astrology.
    Indicators Mercury in Vedic Astrology. Mercury weak / strong, good / bad quality. Mercury and the three modes of material nature.
  • Graham – Guru (Jupiter) Vedic astrology. Indicators of Jupiter in Vedic Astrology. Jupiter is weak / strong, good / bad quality. Jupiter and the three modes of material nature.
  • Graham – Shukra (Venus) Vedic astrology. Indicators of Venus in Vedic Astrology. Venus weak / strong, good / bad quality. Venus and the three modes of material nature.
  • Graham – Honour (Saturn) Vedic astrology. Indicators of Saturn in Vedic Astrology. Saturn weak / strong, good / bad quality. Saturn and three modes of material nature.
  • Graham – Rahu in Vedic astrology. Indicators Rahu in Vedic Astrology. Rahu is weak / strong, good / bad quality. Rahu and three modes of material nature.
  • Graham – Ketu in Vedic Astrology. Indicators Ketu in Vedic Astrology. Ketu weak / strong, good / bad quality. Ketu and three modes of material nature.
  • The personal relationship to the planets. Planets and cardinal (directions). The planets and days of the week. Paul planets. Age of maturation of the planets. Tastes planets. Elements and planets. Planets and caste (4 estate). The colors and the planet. combinations of planets.
  • Upaya - to neutralize the negative influence of the planets.
    Gain the favorable influence of the planets and the negative impact of the weakening of the planets. Mantra planets.
  • 12 Raşi (signs of the zodiac) Vedic astrology. Features of zodiac signs. Classification of signs of the zodiac in Vedic Astrology. 1 Compounding (Aries). 2 Vrişaʙxa (Taurus). 3 Mitxuna (Twins). 4 withers (Cancer). 5 Simchat (Lev). 6 kanya (Virgo). 7 Tula (Libra). 8 Vričšika (Scorpio). 9 Dhana (Sagittarius). 10 reel (Capricorn). 11 Kumʙxa (Aquarius). 12 mine (Fish).
  • 12 bkhav (houses) – 12 spheres of life. Determination of forces at home. 1 House Body Recognition Bhavam. 2 accumulated wealth - Dhana bhava. 3 house younger brothers and sisters - Sahaja Bhava. 4 happiness, and his mother's house - Bandhu-bhava. 5 children's house - Putra-bhava. 6 enemies house, debts, Diseases and service - Ari Bhava. 7 partners home, wife or husband- Yuvaty-bhava. 8 death house - randhra bhava. 9 dharma house, knowledge, good luck, ottsa-dharma bkhava. 10 careers home, destinations, professional activities - Karma bhava. 11 profit house, fulfillment of desires - labha-bhava. 12 loss of house - Vyaya-bhava.
  • Classification of houses in Vedic Astrology. Houses dharma, artxi, kama and moksha. Kendrı, Tricon, upačai, dusthany, home vitality.
  • Planets and disease. Constitution of the signs and planets. Diseases of the signs of the zodiac.
  • Determination of strength of planets. Digg- Ball - guiding forces of the planets. Cujo dosha. The relationship between the planets in Vedic astrology. Planetary aspects (beans drishti). Signed aspects (Raşi drişti).
  • Astrological indicators of the planets and their compounds. Retrograde planets in Vedic astrology. Fall and exaltation planets. The favorable combination of planets. The unfavorable combination of planets. Determination of karmic problems.
  • The planets in the signs. Planets in their homes.
  • Location House rulers 12 houses.
  • Familiarization with 27 Nakşatrami (lunar constellations).
  • Construction of the natal chart. Working with computer programs Jagannatha Hora, Grahas. Using practical materials.
  • read algorithm natal chart. Rules for consultations Vedic Astrology. As a student and mentor.
  • Dasha Vymshottary. Planetary periods - in Vedic Astrology. Maxadaşi, antrdaşi, pratyaantrdashi. Analysis of planetary periods, antrdashi in mahadashi.
  • Moon map. Construction of the lunar maps. Purpose of the lunar maps. Using a lunar map in Vedic Astrology.
  • Map Navamsha and its purpose.
  • Practice. parsing 10 natal chart. Questions - Answers.

Classes are conducted by practicing Vedic astrology Jaroslav Medvid.

To learn all the details about COURSE CONTACT contact information:

SKYPE: jaroslav_medved
Viber / WhatsApp: +380681426798



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