Basically, my life is no different from the lives of others. I went to work, he wrote poetry, studied music, and in accordance with these activities, I set goals and strive to achieve them.

But, After a while I began to notice, my desire to not bring happiness, neither me, nor the people, around me.

Awareness of this reality, It made me doubt the selected order. Then I asked myself, what's the point in life? And what is my purpose in it? Reasoning on these issues, I understood, I can not answer them. And it got me to seek answers.

In the search process, I met happy people, mind your own business, which brought them material prosperity, professionalism and respect. It was not clear, how they reached this position, though the answer was obvious. All of them were engaged in that activity, that they brought a peace of pleasure and a feeling of happiness. In this plan, I really liked a clothing trader, which had its sellers, but constantly and he worked. Hardworking people with great respect cared about its customers, and it was obvious how much he loves, what the. His feeling of happiness was attracted to buy clothes from him.

And the more I noticed these people, the more I embraced despair. After all, I was also involved in the, what, as I then thought, I liked, but no success, money and respect was not, rather it happened the other way around. And the first time I seriously thought – and in their place I, I did not time it brings happiness and joy? After this prolonged crisis has come in my life.

So many books have been read, by which I understood only one – how many people, many ideas. Webinars and workshops also did not respond to my questions. Then I decided to look, She says that religion is the meaning of life, and spent several years in the study of Christianity. But, Unfortunately, in it I have not found the answers, Although the teachings of Christ are very much impressed and questions about my purpose and meaning of life became more meaningful.

Soon I became interested in Slavic culture. I wanted to understand, any opinion on byte people were our ancestors. But, Unfortunately, the authenticity of culture was broken and distorted, otherwise, what was left of it was used in knavery. All, I managed to find out that, that our ancestors lived in the Vedic arrange, norms, morality. I wanted to know more about this DEV. After some time, and by the grace of God, my wish has come true.

Accidentally, I learned about this person as the Srila Prabhupada, He was very famous in the 70 years of his holiness and love for humanity. Also, He had a great influence on the hippie movement, which at that time was famous principles “free love” and abuse of different drugs. Thanks to Srila Prabhupada, dissolute life of addiction and recovered thousands of young people, belonging to this movement.

This phenomenon was entered in the Guinness Book of Records for such a massive recovery from addiction. Since the hippie movement, which was a bunch of amoral girls and boys addicts, It turned into a hippie culture, thanks for Srila Prabhupada, concepts such as vegetarianism, meditation, ahimsa (violence), E bhakti-yoga (loving service to God) helped them to overcome their faults and become spiritual people.

Inter alia, Prabhupada had an enormous influence on George Harrison and John Lennon, which subsequently reflected on their work.

From these facts, my surprise there was no chapel, But once hippie culture attracted me ideas, that, as it turned out, We have been given this man.

This greatly impressed me and I began to change my life, began to study who is Srila Prabhupada. And here I was waiting for the next shock – It revealed, that this man was in the parampara (disciplic succession) and all over the world giving spiritual knowledge of the Vedic DEV. There are no words to convey the feeling, I experienced. This meant, that thanks to the parampara, Vedic knowledge after tens of thousands of years, not merely survived, but it was not distorted.

thanks Srila Prabhupada - This holy man, who accepted the renunciation of the world and became a monk, devote themselves and their lives to the service of God and all living creatures, I began to study the Vedic knowledge, and I continue to study them today. During the years of study and practice, I answered all their questions, and found happiness.

At this time, I have been studying and practicing Vedic astrology and psychology Jyotish. My mentor and teacher in this area is the Vedic astropsychologist Peter Brezden. Take this opportunity to, I express special gratitude to him for his invaluable help in my search for myself.

Based on the knowledge I have created online training “improve the lives – changing nature of”. Also I spend a psychological and astrological consultations, that help people to understand themselves and their fate. In this work, I found myself, and see its purpose.

Looking back, I see the road traveled, which were: ignorance, fanatychnost, intoxication, useless activities, failure and humiliation, the hated work, insult to people close to me, wanderings, and accident surgery, and I understand, cheap as I took this precious life. But this was my path and, probably, he was the best for me.

Wish you happiness!

Yours faithfully, Jaroslav Medvyd

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