My name is Yaroslav Medvid. I astrologer, coach and trainer character. To me 31 year. I was born in Ukraine, where I live at this time. For my work, I went through my curiosity, which led me from childhood.

I am one of those children-pochemuchek, that did not stop asking questions, As an adult. Already with 18 years I have been actively studied psychology, philosophy, different religious traditions and the, as a person arranged on different levels. Thus began my journey searching for yourself, their destination and answer the questions of who I, where I was and where I. The subject of my research studies were Lazarev. n. In Sinelnikov. AT. and many others. Also, I have been actively studied Christianity, Bible, the teaching of the Holy Fathers, Buddhism, Slavic Vedas and scriptures of India, who continues to study to this day.

This way of studying and finding themselves was not easy. In the past I studied music, He wrote songs and saw himself as a steep rock musician, because many of my questions have been answered in this culture, so I wanted it to express themselves. In addition, thanks to the music that I first learned about things like karma, reincarnation, meditation and a personality, as Srila Prabhupada.

There was a desire to understand all this, and I began to study the sources of these ideas and understood, that music is not limited to. Little time has passed, and life has brought into my life a few unpleasant situations, that forever changed my mind.

It was a difficult transformation at all levels: the spiritual, financial, bodily, emotional and social. It was a difficult period of my life, but it was my second birth, which began with, I left making music and started to find myself again.

So I had to change a lot of different jobs and professions, but, no one I could not stay long. And after a layoff, I decide to take the last of his money astrological advice from an astrologer Peter Brezden, which later changed my destiny and helped to find themselves. And later Peter became my teacher of astrology. Thus began another stage of my life.

At this time I do astrological consultations, coaching, I teach Jyotish Vedic Astrology, I am the author of the training the nature of the transformation. He studied Vedic numerology, astrology and Vastu.

I help others find their destination at different levels and develop their identity. are my teachers: Peter Brezden, Ruslan Golub, Yuri A. Parshikov.

Looking back, I see the road traveled, which were: ignorance, fanatychnost, intoxication, useless activities, failure and humiliation, the hated work, insult to people close to me, wanderings, and accident surgery, and I understand, cheap as I took this precious life. But this was my path and, probably, he was the best for me.

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Yours faithfully, Jaroslav Medvyd

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