astrological consultation

To pass the astrological consultation
you will need: 
 1. Maximum exact time of your birth.
 2. Date of birth (number, month, year), Name and place of birth.
 3. questions, in which you need to understand. 
 4. Important! Be prepared to carry out the recommendations of the astrologer.

Astrological consultation you can pass on individual issues or choose from the following.


Astro-Advice “Improving personal life”


This calculation will help you understand some of the principles of settling a happy personal life.

Individual approach is to your situation will help you to a deeper understanding of themselves and realize the relationship of your dreams.

This calculation includes:

– identifying the causes, that create a lack of privacy or the problems associated with it,

– selection of the individual algorithm of practical actions to eliminate negative reasons,

– diagnostics sphere of relations karma,

– the selection of the correction methods to neutralize the negative karma. Order consultation

consultation computationYu planetary periods life

periodAT consultation included:

planet definition, are most affected ››for you in a given period,

aboutEFINITIONS general trends and favorable ››opportunity present planetary period,

astrologicheskie recommendations how to ››live this period life,

  • aboutEFINITIONS order, what is best to do in this planetary period,
  • atychislenie period Saturn (Sade-sati) and make recommendations thereon.

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by definition, consultation designedI, suitable frofessiand and income
prednaznachenieThis calculation Pomo
Jet better understand himself, their talents, suitable careerand and St.aboute purpose of this wandA reduction. Consultation useful to, that will help you find yourself in society, find a deal like and develop their identity.

AT calculation includes:

definition varna: Brumbaugh, kşatriy, Vaishya, sudra,

  • identifying opportunities to earnings,
  • identifying ways to career success,
  • definition strengths and weaknesses character,
  • recommendations, how to enhance the strengths and weaknesses transform.

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Astrological compatibility in relationships and marriage

RelativeThis calculation will help you understand yourself and your partner, features of your character, strongit is and weakit is sidess both. Will make it clear that the relationship means for each of the partners, expected of them each awaits kato to achieve thiss. It will also help to understand how, how to make a relationship and life together pleasant and happy for both.

RCalculating help:

  • to understand whether the continuation of the relationship are, if you are on the stage of dating,
  • It helps maintain the relationship, that road,
  • will help save the marriage and make it happy.

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consultation Podgotovkit is to conceive

conceptionThis consultation includes:

aboutEFINITIONS pious karma spouses in ››procreation,

determinedit isof strength and quality Moon and Venus at map ››women,

determining the strength and quality planets in a man's map,

the selection of the individual recommendationsand for correctionand and ›››neutralizing the negative impact of the planets, which can create problems in this ›››the,

  • selection recommendationand for general training of both parents to conceive emotionally, mental and physical level,
  • astrological advice on the selection of the time of conception.

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consultation healthYu

healthAT consultation included:

  • identify common trends in poor health, in accordance with the rising sign and position of the planets in the natal chart,
  • aboutEFINITIONS causes of disease and the weakness of health at the astrological level,
  • worksa fromabout the meaning of illness,
  • assimilation lessona, which carries the disease,
  • selection of individual recommendations.

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consultation aboutEFINITIONSYu toarmicheskix tono

kaprmaThe calculation will help you understand, what problems necessary allow in this embodiment, a debt to pay, and in what area. In this part of the definition of consultation strength and quality of the planets in your nativity, as well as the definition of karmic problems, relatedabout the weakness of the planets (burned and retrograde planets, planets in the fall, debilitated planets other indicators).

The consultation also includes the selection of individual correctional practices and practical recommendations for the neutralization of the negative influence of the planets in your horoscope.

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consultation Rähu - Departure

countedRähu and outthis planet, who are on the astral level and are not visible in the material world, as opposed to the Sun and the Moon. Raxy-Ketu have strongit is effect human consciousness and in the natal chart show him past lives and karma.

Departure pokazıvaet past life experience, and Rahu shows karmic tasks, which must be fulfilled at thism embodimentsand. These planets may overlap the energy of the other planets. AT Later the person may experience great difficulties in life, suffer diagnosing hardme diseasespit andDo endure failure.

AT calculation includes practical recommendations as a neutralize detrimental effect Rahin-Get away. definition karma and talents from past lives, which has Ketu and asking karmic lessons, which shows Rahu. This consultation will help determine, in what direction you best move, and understand, have the makings, talents, prerequisites for this you have accumulated in past lives.

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A complete analysis of the natal chart

matchmakingfull settlement natal chart includes:

the calculation of the rising sign zaodiaka, a ››also mark, which is Luna ››and the sunit is,

detailed analysis of the nature and recommendations ››to improve the weak traits,

definition forcess crazy, Moon nakshatra,

  • definition ReferralsI vitality and ambition and their ability realizovabe,
  • finding nrednaznacheniI and predisposition to innomu mind dyatel'nosti, suitable professions,

  • calculating nflaxetnyh periods life, and recommendations on their harmonious living,

  • aboutEFINITIONS force planets (burned, retrogradnosty, fall and exaltation) and recommendations on,

  • definition of karma of Rahu-Ketu,

  • definition of karmic problems,

  • podbor practicallyx recommendationand for improve relations with parents,

  • Individual selection of austerity, score and spiritual practice.

    This consultation is also included Dr.iagnostika karma for all 12 spheres of life (astrological houses) and practical advice on neutralization of negative karma in these areas:

1 house - nature, health, physical indicators, focus human

Shows accumulated since the last potential, state healthsI and human capacity influence on its fate. The weakness of this sector makes a person painful, unsuccessful, vulnerable, do not have honor and respect.

2 house - The ability to accumulate, speech and all, connected with it, parental home and in touch with him, feeding habits

Money, speech, his father's house - this sphere of life shows our birth scenarios and as far as we luckDo you in respect of accumulation money and other tangible goods. also flfrom home indicates characteristics and nrivychki nutritional, throat, teeth, vote.

3 home - human talent, ability to act, younger brothers / sisters

This area indicates the talents, creativity and character of man's own efforts. If it is weakened by the negative influence of the planets, a person may be incompetent, indecisive, timid and unsuccessful in this sphere of life. Relationships with younger siblings are too 3 house, which shows our joint karma in terms of relationships.

4 House - The emotions and their ability to live, relationship with mother, property, own house

The basic meaning of: degrees, emotions, mother, a heart, rib cage, movable and immovable property of a person. Diagnosis of this field will, how things affairs listed inBooks. This area is important because, what indicates the character of respectsand with Mother and it helps us to understand, how to improve, which in turn helps a person to build and implement in their own family.

5 House - Karma of past lives, and children with them, Love affairs, investment

Through this area the person receives the karma of past lives, and the position of the planets in it shows the quality of karma. Children, love affairs, romance, disposition to spiritual knowledge, investment, the ability to give advice - it all It manifested in a person's life through 5 house. he points on respectsI with children and Carmenin of detorozhdenie. It shows a person's ability to Creativityin and skill riskovannosty.

6 House - Enemies, debt and human disease

This door, through which our negative karma comes. With thisof the house to the person have a hard time, disease and enemies. This area indicates, what character will have similar problems and how we We must overcome this karma. If a person does not knowledge, how to cope with such karma, it is even more attract to yourself failure. Also, this area is indicating capacity man to ministryYu and him implementedNosta in this capacity.

7 house - Partnership and marriage

One of the most important spheres of life for every person, because through it comes the future husband or wife. A family, family relationships, business partnerand, trips, description of the future spouse and marriage - all of this indicates 7 house. If this areasand impressed - it may indicate divorce and litigation. calculation shows, how things are between husband and wife, and the direction in which their marriage moves.

8 House - Heavy negative karma of disease, accidents and losses, courts and probate, esoterics, mystique

This area looks like in the natal chart on the 6th, but it gives a yield of negative karma and more complex tough. Through it man receives, complex disease (often reproductive organs), accidents (possible and deaths), loss of wealth, accusedI judicially and arrests. This house also points to the nAcquiring real estate in the inheritance and worksy in insurance companies. 8 house It linked the mysteries of science and spirituality, so hence it manifests human craving for all the secret and difficult to compre- hensible - astrology, black magic, psychology, Taro, etc.. all sorts of omens, spells and magical rites - all this He comes to us across 8 house.

9 House - Relationship with Father, mentors, pilgrimage, good luck to reserve

Through this area comes to us luck, spirituality and the blessings of the spiritual teachers. its value: father, guru, higher spiritual knowledge, initiation and pilgrimages to holy places. On this sphere are determined by what kind of relationship with his father and karmic ties with him. If the scope of a person weakened, it will be unfortunate, devoid of spiritual development and will not be successful in the above.

10 House - Sales in society, Job, career

This area nbrin gs human social realization, work, position in society and effects of karma. If we do not go well with the work - that means, what 10 House has weakened and it is important toy to earn over this sphere of life and transformatsiey his character. This area shows the potential and direction of a career in human destiny, on it can also be understood in what professions people can realize himself.

11 House - Big Brothers / Sisters, friends, the nature and amount of monetary income, hobby and desire

Responsible for older relatives and siblings, friends, hobby, cash income and human ambitions. By This part of the horoscope can understand, as it will be implemented in these karma areas life. etfrom home in a sense, the similarityen 2-his due to overall performance money and income. TOhen in the natal chart it ona favorably disposed, the person will OK earn and live well. But there is one negative point 11 house points to human lust and opportunity sharply deteriorate spiritually, it isIf he does not cope with it.

12 House - Losses, disease, misery, concluding, communication with foreign countries, old age

12 House brings a person loss, disease, deprivation of liberty, imprisonment, hospital or monastery. Through this area comes the destruction of the material aspects of human life, but it contributes to its spiritual growth. Since each house corresponds to different periods of human life, the 12th relate to old age and everything connected with it. This house indicates a process of liberation, eg: from illness, material attachment, can give a hermit. In a negative sense can indicate jailing, hospital. Reinforced planets this house, It can give a person living abroad and success.

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