Astro-psychological training

ANDndividualʹnyj astro-psihologičnyj training for on the basis of the transformation of consciousness Vedic astrology, psychology and coaching for personal growth and spiritual development. No time limit – work to result!

"The simple life and high thinking"
Srila Prabhupada


Human consciousness is so constructed, he was afraid to leave the zone of habitual actions and always sabotages attempts to make new. This is one of the reasons for the failures and fears. But when there is knowledge of both failures and fears to turn to their dignity, then people become successful.

The content of astro-psychological training:

– Diagnosis karmic problems and work with the past

– calculation and elimination of the reasons to create a negative situation

– Transformation of negative beliefs

– selection of practical recommendations to a particular problem

– Ecology desires and correct goal setting, practice

– meditation

To pass the Astro-psychological training
you will need:
1. Maximum exact time of your birth.
2. Date of birth (number, month, year), Name and place of birth.

Astro-psychological training to help you:

– break the cycle of recurring negative situations and understand their meaning, lesson,
– find the right solution for a desperate situation,
– find and understand the meaning of life, its place in it,
– restore the balance between the spiritual and material aspects of life,
– to expand their view of themselves as individuals,
обрести ответственность и восстановить связь со Вселенной и Творцом.

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