quality astrologer


“brief” summary of the qualities of the astrologer KN. Rao, who bequeathed Varahamihira.

1. Purity: when there is inner purity and images of planets in the heart of the most unusual sources awaken intuition, astrologer, With deep knowledge and skillful, can go to the interpretation of the horoscope with humility and clarity of vision.

2. Efficiency: technical and intellectual effectiveness of the approach to this sverhnauke.

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Who controls the planets?


Srimad Bkhagvatam 3.25.42
In fear of me, the lord of all things, The wind's blowing, in fear before me sunshine, and the master of the clouds, Indra, fear before Me sends to earth cloudy. fearing me, burning fire, and death is haunting the world, charging its toll, just because, I am afraid that.

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Why God incarnates on Earth?

 Bhagavatam Shrimat 3.24.27
Kardama Muni skazal: At last, after all this time, strazhduschye soul, which, because of their own sins are languishing in the prison of the material world, We managed to appease the demigods, commands the universe.

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What is important with regard to the compatibility of character or sexuality?

Deva-scorpion-geocult-1fSrimad Bkhagvatam 3.24.15
ATAS tvam Shih mukhyebhyo
jatx-īla jatx – RuCl
tmadzh paridehy Adya
vistīxi jao ʙxuvi

Therefore today give their daughters in marriage to the best sages, taking into account the nature and inclination of each, and loving favor of you will spread throughout the universe.

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