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“brief” summary of the qualities of the astrologer KN. Rao, who bequeathed Varahamihira.

1. Purity: when there is inner purity and images of planets in the heart of the most unusual sources awaken intuition, astrologer, With deep knowledge and skillful, can go to the interpretation of the horoscope with humility and clarity of vision.

2. Efficiency: technical and intellectual effectiveness of the approach to this sverhnauke.

3. the gift of oratory: astrologer should have control over his tongue, whereby it performs interpretation, and as a sympathetic mentor, appropriately acknowledge the way its customers.

4. outstanding abilities: astrologer has to handle a large volume of data and arrive at the correct conclusions. It is unacceptable to work in a slipshod.

5. internal tranquility: it is similar to yoga with purified citta. must, to the excitement did not cover it, when he sees any disturbing combination in the horoscope.

6. fearless speech: armed with a true vision of the astrological horoscope, he must have the ability to speak without fear in any situation.

7. Ability to interpret signs and omens: modern psychologist watches, his patient enters, is sitting, He speaks about himself. In astrology, this centuries-old practice.

8. Absence of bad habits: dependent on the bad habits mentally destroyed; it can be useful to others?

9. Knowledge of mantras to propitiate the planets: astrology is associated with spiritual means, based on mantras. Astrologer must use these mantras to restore peace and tranquility in the troubled minds.

10. The ability to resist the forces of evil: There are malicious practitioners, through which can harm, eg, such tantric practices, how Abhichara, Sammohan etc. The astrologer should also be able to resist this.

11. There must be a spiritual person: he should lead a spiritual astrologer, disciplined life.

12. The ability to ask meaningful questions: astrologer should be able to receive from the people useful for deeper interpretation of horoscopes answers.

13. Useful warning: astrologer must warn the person and give advice, What you need to take preventive measures.

14. The depth of the astrological knowledge: there must be a deep understanding of the astrological principles and their application in the horoscope.

Given there is a brief description of the qualities, listed Varahamihira, that makes it clear, that the astrologer is actually a versatile and spiritual person, scientists, intellectual, psychologist and, the most important thing, carrying light conductor.

astrologers, has all the qualities, rather rare. But even they, someone has some of these great qualities, We can do a lot for the community.

From books A.Goura “people. Ganita. Samhita”

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