Worshiping God in ignorance


Srimad Bkhagavatm 3. 29. 22
the, If anyone worships the Deity in the temple, but does not know, that the Supreme Lord as Paramātmā is situated in everyone's heart, in ignorance, and like a man, thrower sacrificial gifts to ashes.

A COMMENT: It is clearly stated, that the Supreme Lord as the Supersoul, which is His plenary expansion, within the heart of every living being. Exist 8 400 000 kinds of material bodies, and the Supreme Personality of Godhead is in each of them as an individual soul and as the Supersoul. The individual soul is part and parcel of the Supreme Lord, so you can say, that the Lord in the form of the individual soul is in every body.

He's in the form of Supersoul enters into the heart of every living being, to observe his actions. And in the, In both cases, the main thing is, God is in the body of every living being, so people, who consider themselves adherents of any religion, but do not realize, that the Supreme Personality of Godhead is in every living being and in all things, They are influenced by the mode of ignorance.

Human, which is tied to the rituals and rites, committed in the temple, church or mosque, but it does not have this basic knowledge of the omnipresence of the Lord, similar to that, Who, making a sacrifice, Pour the oil in ash, and not in the fire. At the time of sacrifice priests poured into the fire melted butter and reading Vedic mantras, but if they repeat the mantra and carefully follow all prescriptions, but pour melted butter into ash, the sacrifice will not bring the desired result.

In other words, to any living entity can not be treated lightly. A devotee should remember, that in every, including in the most insignificant living being, even in the ant, It is the Supreme Lord, therefore every living being should be treated with love and try not to harm him. In modern civilization slaughterhouses have become commonplace.

Furthermore, Some religions even consecrated their existence to their authority. People do not have knowledge about, that God is in everyone's heart, and without this knowledge notorious progress of human society, as a spiritual, and material, It is nothing, as the progress in the mode of ignorance.

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