Ignorance and false ego


Srimad Bkhagavatm 3.38.36
So, reaching the highest transcendental, the mind is completely suspended from material activities and finds its original glory, becoming inaccessible to material happiness and sorrow. At this time, the yogi perceives the truth about his relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

he finds, that the real reason for joy and pain, and combinations thereof, he used to communicate with a, It lies in the false ego, generated by the mode of ignorance.

A COMMENT: Oblivion living creature of its relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the result of the impact that the mode of ignorance. doing yoga, a person gets rid of the ignorance, which causes him to consider himself independent of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In fact, our eternal relationship with God is based on love. Purpose of the living creatures – with love to serve the Lord. Forgetting these sweet relations called ignorance.

ignorance, living being imposed by the modes of material nature, It makes him consider himself enjoying. When the mind is purified devotee and the devotee realizes the need to subordinate the activities of the mind to the will of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he achieves perfection and rises to the transcendental level, where the material ceases to feel happiness and sorrow.

Until a person will act at their own discretion, he will have to experience the so-called happiness and sorrow. In fact, he does not know true happiness. Just how crazy things can not bring him happiness, happiness and suffering, which brings man material activities, They are illusory. In fact, in this world there is nothing, except for suffering.

Human, whose mind works in harmony with the will of the Lord, It is the transcendental. The desire to lord it over material nature gives rise to ignorance, but, when this desire is completely extinguished and the man does not want anything, that goes against the will of the Supreme Lord, he attains perfection. Upalabdha-by RATM kashthah. Upalabdha means "awareness". The realization presupposes individuality. Genuine awareness comes to the, who have achieved perfection and liberated from material bondage.

Nivrittya means, the living entity retains its identity; His unity with God is manifested in, that it is aware of their happiness in the happiness of the Supreme Lord. In the Supreme Being, there is nothing, but happiness. Anandamayo 'bxyasat: by nature the Lord is full of transcendental bliss. Achieving oneness with the Supreme Lord, liberated souls do not experience anything, but happiness and bliss.

However, the living entity retains its identity, otherwise the word upalabdha, which indicates a personal sense of transcendental bliss, it would be inappropriate.

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