What is nirvana?


Bhagavatam Shrmad 3.28.35
Completely cleansed of material contamination and removed from the material objects, mind becomes like a living creature flame lamp. In this state, it connects the mind with the mind of the Supreme Lord, and, flow escaping from interacting material qualities, living being aware of its unity with the Lord.

A COMMENT: In the material world of mind activity boils down to, to accept and reject. When the mind is refracted through material consciousness, it should be forced to meditate on the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but, if a person has developed a love for the Supreme Lord, his mind involuntarily immersed in thoughts of Him. In this state, the yogi thinks only about, to serve the Lord. condition, in which the human mind is in harmony with the will of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, call nirvana, or the union of the mind with the Supreme Lord.

The best example of nirvana given in "Bhagavad-gita". At first Arjuna Krishna intentions differed from intentions. Krishna hotel, Arjuna fought, but Arjuna did not want to do this, that is contrary to the desire of Arjuna Krishna will. But, after the Supreme Lord told him, "Bhagavad Gita", Arjuna conquered the mind of Krishna will. This state is called the state of unity. However, this does not mean, Arjuna and Krishna have lost their identity.

That will not be able to understand the Mayavadi philosophers, who believe, that the achievement of unity implies the loss of individuality. But from the "Bhagavad Gita" is to be, that unity with the Lord does not mean loss of identity. When the mind of the living entity is completely cleared and it develops a love for God, his mind is the mind of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. At this time, the mind ceases to act independently; all the actions of the mind are dictated by the desire to fulfill the will of the Lord.

The liberated individual soul does not do anything else. Pratynyvrytta Gouna-pravahah. In the conditioned living being mind always busy working, which he imposed on the three modes of material nature, but, When one attains transcendental, material modes cease to have an impact on his mind. Such a devotee only thinks about, how to fulfill the desire of the Lord. This is the highest stage of perfection, which is called Nirvana Nirvana or Mukti, and the mind of the living entity, reaching its, freed from all material desires.

Jatxarcix. Archih means "flame". When the lamp is broken, or it ends up oil, it goes out. but, from a scientific point of view, In this case the flame does not disappear, and goes into potential state. Thus, the law of conservation of energy. The same way, when the mind ceases to act on the material level, its activity is changing its shape and transferred into the sphere of interest of the Supreme Lord.

This verse makes it possible to understand the concept of cessation of mental activity, which occupies an important place in the Mayavadi philosophy: cessation of functioning of the mind means cessation of activities, defiled by the three modes of material nature.

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