What is Upaii the planets?

7006Upaii - a section of the knowledge of Vedic astrology, which gives a person the practical recommendations for the neutralization of the bad influence of the planets on his health, psyche and destiny.

There are several types upaya:

1. Gems. They are able to enhance their energy this or that planet, eg: Topaz strengthens - Jupiter, Garnet - Venus.

2. Flower meditation. The concentration of their attention on any particular color, also strengthens the planet, Red Mars strengthen, Green - Mercury.

3. Aroma oils. Contribute to strengthening the planets, eg: for the acquisition of the Sun forces can use oil: camphor, saffron or eucalyptus.

4. Spices and herbs also enhance the planet: comfrey root, reinforces Saturn, ground cinnamon - Moon.

5. The worship of gods.

6. Mantras and prayers.

7. yoga.

8. Right Livelihood.

Each of these upaya has its strength and its effect. They can be used, in complex, and separately.

Upaii selected personally for a person in accordance with its situation after a thorough consultation with a professional astrologer. Initiative in this matter can be fatal mistake and destroy human life or health.

Vedicheskaya astrology It allows a person to lighten his path in life, the light of knowledge and helps you understand yourself as a particle of the divine "I" and renew their relationship with Him.

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