What is the role of Vedic astrology in society?


Man needs help then, when their own can not solve the problem, arose in his life. Theoretically, everyone understands, that there is a solution to any situation, but how to act, stranded, few people know.

some despair, others seek help and support from family, others go on grandmother-witches and fortune tellers. All this may provide temporary improvement, but it is unlikely to solve it. As hard as it should not was not a man in a panic mood to solve their troubles.

At the moment of problem situations need to maintain peace of mind and to prevent panic. According to human logic is considered to be, that the problem is that some sort of, from which you want than to get rid of any possible ways.

So, Entrance is everything: black magic, paid prayers, psychics, cleaners karma, activation of the chakras, invasion into the subconscious, etc., that person may bring more problems.

No doubt, people, wielding such knowledge, can really help, but only if, if you are working with causes of the problem, and not with its consequences.

professionals, that, first of all, help a person to knowledge about the correct way of life and work with the causes of problems, not so much, but they have! therefore, if a person has decided to ask for help, then he should take it quite seriously and choose a qualified professional. These may include: Ayurvedic doctors, Vedic astro-psychology, psychologists and counselors, which consist in the parampara (They have spirit guides).

few know, to become a Vedic astrologer need to start to have a good potential for spiritual development, Vedic astrology as a spiritual science (astral), materialist person it does not understand. That is why highly qualified Vedic astrologers are holy men and sages, and their craft (astrology) It is not reduced to sentimental predictions of future events.

they are engaged, Firstly, healing of a soul, therefore they help a person going through a divine love, in this way, they serve God and people.

Vedic astrology is familiar with Ayurveda (the science of life), knowledge of the soul (psychology) и имеет личный опыт духовной жизни. In combination - this gives him the opportunity to provide assistance to a person on the spiritual, emotional and physical terms.

These people belong to the Brahmin varna (priests, spiritual teachers, scientists, philosophers, monks). Their role in society is, to learn divine principles, which arranged the material world and to transfer them to other people, maintaining morale and morality in society. If the claim images, the people with brahmanichekoy nature of the soul - is the head of society.

Their main task - to teach people how to live correctly, in harmony with the universe, and help him achieve happiness.

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