About the importance of prayer in the professions: Vedic astrology, psychologist and consultant.

molitva1Occupation Vedic astrologer, psychologist or counselor becomes more and more popular. There are new trainer for the development of man's inner potential, create training personal growth - it means, that the thirst for knowledge among people increased. Human consciousness expands its borders.

On those, who teaches and imparts knowledge about human development is a big responsibility. The thing is, that any knowledge is transmitted directly through communication. When two people are talking about a specific topic, they engage in this conversation emotions, body gestures, tone of voice, and thoughts, that are effective to influence each other. During, such communication, Karma is the exchange and, usually, negative karma counselee moves to a consultant, and his chi (in accordance with its development) to the consultation carried out with someone. Exchange karma between communicating people, always happen, so a person responsible for the, it transmits another person.

And that people can communicate with each other? Only that, what they have.

therefore, specialists of professions, as the Vedic psychologist, astrologer should always develop and cultivate. This is a guarantee of their professionalism and the only way they can really help to, with whom to chat and will not hurt yourself with this.

According to statistics,, for the recent increase in suicide among psychologists. It was also observed, that many problems, which overtake psychoanalysts are exactly the same, like their patients. In the medical environment, we all know, that physicians are often ill with the same disease, of patients treated their. Among the doctors almost no centenarians, they live the life of a little more than the average duration of.

These facts indicate that, what people, closely contacting with each other, can not only influence the minds, but also to learn from some of the other human problems themselves.

What to do and how to avoid karmic exchange?

First we need to understand, that life, avoiding anything, We only attract even more this. Exchange of karma - it is a very important part of human life. This can not be avoided, Furthermore, and do not need. Through this exchange we can inspire others to improve their lives. Giving them hope, faith, love, care, show them respect, serve them, etc.. P.

Exchange principle of karma is natural, because everything in life is connected with one source, and it should not be taken, as the "wiles of the devil," or God's wrath. This philosophy stems from the lack of true knowledge. Whether we like it or not, we will always affect the lives of people around them, and they, in its turn, affect us. But how will this influence - this decision is made by each individual.

People, professions such as: consultant, doctor, Vedic astrologer, or psychologist must understand, that their position in society plays an important role. Their work with the people to be very responsible and tidy, but it needs to be trained on the physical, mental and spiritual level. If you do not have this training, a specialist in danger of harm to themselves and aggravate the situation of his patient.

Most professionals, We prepared well for the physical and mental levels, but, not on the spiritual, and because it is the basis of the first two levels. Poorly developed spirituality can not protect a person from sharing negative karma, and such a person is doomed, adopt a disease or problem of his patient. Unable to overcome this karma, many of them sick and die, or end their suicide. The lack of spiritual life, is the cause of these tragedies.

Spiritual life means: purity of heart, study and following scriptures, unselfishness and prayer.

Prayer, particularly important moment in the work of all the helping professions. With the help of prayer, People connected with the Creator, and is filled with divine love, but only, In the event that the purpose of prayer - service and love for God. Begging in prayer for something else, always withdraws and separates from God.

Man is like a spark burning flame, than it is farther from the fire, the sooner extinguished, but having got back into the fire, gains strength and superior attenuation. Praying man, just as a spark – if in prayer returns to its Creator, then acquires the power to overcome the power of negative karma and other external influences on it.

Spiritualize the divine love energy, astrologer transmits it, exchange principle, his companion, saturating it with divine love. Таким образом, there is an exchange of divine love, rather than bad karma.

The importance of prayer should not be underestimated, especially before working with clients or patients. The higher spiritual level consultant, doctor, Vedic astrologer, or psychologist, the more it can help a person, who approached him for help.

The power of prayer know brahmanas (spiritual mentors, monks) and priests. They are fluent in the ability to support and assist the needy properly. Such people exist in different cultures (Buddhist, Christian, Vedic), their work is, to give people the knowledge about the material world and its Creator. Without such people, society ceases to develop and begins to degrade.

That's why, in addition to academic degrees, Professionals should have spiritual education, he actively practiced in his life. He should follow the example of those, who has reached spiritual perfection and learn from them to, how to help those in need.

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