Saturday - Day of Honor (Saturn)

shani-3Saturday - a day of Shani (Saturn) and under his energy will be held tomorrow. For those, one in nativity Shani in poor condition it is best to spend your day in a relaxed atmosphere.

Consideration should be given time for morning meditation and prayer, because on that day the gloom and depression will overcome the human mind.

If mist appears in your area, rain and gloom which means the appearance of Saturn. The power of ignorance and oppression that day will increase, so all important matters have to be postponed. Do not go out late at night. Throughout the day you need to finish the case and especially, those that were started long ago. Do not start new and important things.

On Saturday, you can not wash clothes, cut hair and nails. No need to overload the hard work the spine. Not recommended on this day to attend parties and other entertainment programs. The Sabbath - a day of rest and summarizing the week. If there is a possibility, do not linger long on the job. Doing free work best on Saturdays. Avoid the black, gray and dark blue colors in clothes.

This day is favorable to serve the people and something for them to do selfless. the, who on Saturday (and not only on Saturday) will feed, sacrifice and care for the sick, infirm, old grandparents from Shani receive a blessing.

For those, who is going through a period of Saturn (Honor Sadэ-sati) This day should be as devoted to spiritual practices.

All joyous and happy day! :))

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One thought on “Saturday - Day of Honor (Saturn)

  1. "Pradosh - gate" - a great day to change your life for the better with the support of higher powers.

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