Moon in Vedic astrology

cnKmO-lunaMoon is more significant in the natal chart, What ascendent (Zodiac sign), as the moon is the human mind. From her relationship with our mind depends, mentality, memory and movement of various fluids in our body.

What planet, aspects the Moon, and in one house (sphere of life) she is situated, You can calculate and understand: What diseases will hurt a person's mind, thoughts and behavior.
Moon in Vedic astrology considered feminine planet. Therefore, it is from the position of the moon in the horoscope of a woman will depend on the health of her reproductive system and emotional state.
It is very important to have a qualitative influence of the moon for all women and especially those, who decided to do their duty and to be a mother. Motherhood, care, breast-feeding to the child and the ministry are all under control of the moon and if a woman has a problem with these qualities, then it is necessary to turn to an astrologer. For it to be picked up by the necessary Upaii and recommendations to address these problems.
For men, the effect of the Moon also has considerable importance.
for example, If in the natal chart men waning moon, it will very quickly get tired, bad to think and will always sleepy. With this state of the Moon to men is not necessary to work at work, which requires a DC voltage, increased attention and mental overload otherwise he faces problems on health and destiny.
People tend to assume, Chto on independent and free, free to do what he wants, but in fact it is a profound error and ignorance. Man addicted and makes their actions are strictly in accordance with the influence of his consciousness the 9 planets, although it does not even suspect.

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