Jyotish – eye of the Vedas

Lord Jagannath universe 2Jyotish - Eye of the Vedas, where is the light of God, poured out on anything and everything, and pride - is the dark, which does not allow to see it.

Failure Jyotish (Vedic astrology) - Exactly a denial of God, as the sun and moon His eyes, Mars - hands, Mercury - it, Jupiter – mind, Venus - love, Saturn - punishment, Rahu - illusion, Departure - moksha (release).

Brihat Chapter Paraşara Horan Shastra 2 (2:8-13)

During the Great Destruction grahas also merge in Lord Vishnu. the, who knows all grahas, It will be well-versed in the knowledge of the past, present and future. No one can know this without knowledge of astrology. Consequently, everyone should learn this science particularly Brahmins. the, who blames this science, without knowing it, go to hell, It called Raurva, and be born blind.

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