Astrology in the home. practical advice

  • org_cvza321Morning rise in brahma-muhurta (for each different time areas). This gives: force, optimism, health, clarity of mind, cheerfulness, special, if a person during this period engaged in spiritual practice (Suriya-namaskar, prayer).
  • Adversely take out the garbage after sunset and leave the dishes unwashed overnight. This will lead to increased awareness of the ignorant in the house, which could then destroy the good relations between family members.

  • Для того чтобы пища давала здоровье и силу нужно соблюдать режим питания. В период обеда (from 11 to 14 hours) рекомендуется кушать зернобобовые и другие тяжело перевариваемые продукты, так как в этот период дня они будут перевариваться за счет энергии Солнца, а не энергии тела. This habit will benefit human health and.

  • Nails and hair can not mow on Tuesday and Saturday. This reduces human vitality.

  • When the dog is living with a man in the same house, it amplifies the negative impact of the planet Ketu, which will be home to develop the consciousness of ignorance. Энергия благодати и духовности уйдут с такого дома. Keeping animals in his house, a person commits violence on their nature and prevents their development. later, по законам кармы человек будет поставлен в такие же условия.

  • Artificial, injecting and curly flowers adversely to keep in the house. They will develop and maintain a parasitic and aggressive nature in the minds of tenants.

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