WHAT Nativities? What it does:?

QqApdfLUNyQToday term “astrology” many familiar, but, what the natal chart and why it is needed, understand not all. The natal chart is compiled on the basis of the exact time and date of a person's birth.

Figuratively speaking, the natal chart – this photo, which at the time of birth of a baby, it was filmed

raspolozhenie ninth peas (planets): Sun., Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rähu and out. According Jyotish (vedicheskaya astrology) data of the planet begin to affect a person from the moment of cutting the umbilical cord.

Structure natal maps based on 12 houses, which describes in great detail 12 spheres of life. These areas affect a person's character, his personality, strength of mind, health, relationships with brothers and sisters, father and mother, children, personal and partnerships, its purpose and career, opportunities to meet the desires, material potential, level of spirituality and karma.

Each house has its owner - the zodiac sign and manage the Planet. Depending on, which planets fall in house, or aspecting, construction forecast for the, or any other sphere of life. After careful examination of the position of the planets in the natal chart, astrologer appoints consultation, which explains in clear and accessible language, why they occur with a person, or other situations.

Natal chart - a personal guide to life, which shows, how does a person need to live, and in which direction to move him. The map also indicates the potential for human, its capabilities in this incarnation - what its strengths and weaknesses, what he needs to do, and what absolutely can not, What good qualities of character necessary to strengthen, and what should be changed, or improve.
The map shows, and then, in what way the man best to build relationships, points to his karmic task, and areas of life, in which it is best to invest money, labor, force, intelligence, time and their efforts. Astrological chart clarifies, that in this life a man will bring success, prosperity and fulfillment.

Having astrological consultation, man easier to navigate in an event, understand themselves and find their place in this life, And it was in search of this, we spend much of their precious time!

I wish you happiness and success in your quest!

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