What is Vedic Astrology?

ganesh3Vedicheskaya astrology – This ancient science of human interaction with the universe and the planets, which is based on the holy Vedic scriptures and belongs to the Atharva Veda. In Sanskrit, Vedic astrology called - Jyotish.

This word consists of two values: “Jyotish”- which means light, and “işa” of words “işvara”- God. I.e, Hindu astrology – This knowledge of man carrying the Light of God, with the help of

It will be consecrated his way to the truth. One of the main founders of the science, assistance Paraşara Muniz, Brig Muni, Gargacharya and other great sages, who were righteous, We had a very high level of spiritual development, and some of them were the epitome of God.

for example, Sage Bhrigu Muni five thousand years ago, it was the horoscope of all people on earth, who lived in the past,, now living and those, who will live in the future.

The second great sage Parasara. He is the founder of planetary periods of the system (Dashi), having no analogues in the world, as well as the author of a vast treatise - "Brihad Parasara Hora Shastra". This treatise consists of two parts. The first - contains 80 Heads, which include 11.000 shlokas (poetry), and the second - 20 chapters 1000 shlokas. It was recorded about 1855 BC in the form of a dialogue Parasara Maitreya Muni, and Mooney.
In ancient times, Jyotish knowledge was passed on the parampara (disciplic succession) – from teacher to pupil orally. Later, when the power of the mind of people began to weaken, this knowledge was recorded in treatises.
Vedic astrology tells us, how the planets affect the lives of all living beings. It gives knowledge to predictions of future events and identify favorable and unfavorable periods of life. Shows, how things work in such areas of life as: career, finance, a family, work and relationships. It helps to understand his character and his personality. Will indicate the problem and steps, through which it will be possible to resolve them.
And the most important thing, Jyotish gives a person a clear understanding of priorities in life, and the right attitude to life. Since Vedic astrology is spiritual knowledge, they lead a person to self-knowledge, harmony, spirituality and to God.

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