About human freedom and how, who fulfills his desires

Bhagavad Gita
Chapter 7
Poem 22

I am seated in everyone's heart as Supersoul, and, when a person wants to worship a particular demigod, I strengthen his faith in this demigod, so he could surrender to him.

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quality astrologer


“brief” summary of the qualities of the astrologer KN. Rao, who bequeathed Varahamihira.

1. Purity: when there is inner purity and images of planets in the heart of the most unusual sources awaken intuition, astrologer, With deep knowledge and skillful, can go to the interpretation of the horoscope with humility and clarity of vision.

2. Efficiency: technical and intellectual effectiveness of the approach to this sverhnauke.

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Materials to prepare for the study of Jyotish (Vedic astrology)


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Worshiping God in ignorance


Srimad Bkhagavatm 3. 29. 22
the, If anyone worships the Deity in the temple, but does not know, that the Supreme Lord as Paramātmā is situated in everyone's heart, in ignorance, and like a man, thrower sacrificial gifts to ashes.

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