Apocalypse now

The Apocalypse of St. John the Theologian, one of the books of the New Testament, It raises many questions and needs clarification. Historian asks questions about the end of the world, that, probably, asked yourself many, who read Revelation carefully. But all these questions already have answers.

By education I am a historian and, Besides, watch closely the, what is happening in our country, and the world at large. certainly, the significance of Christianity in the history of the world is enormous, and those moral and ethical values, preached Christ, remain extremely relevant (suffice it to recall the commandment of selfless love of neighbor). That Christianity (for me as a historian it is important) once identified, even the very modern attitude to history *.

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doing no evil

from the book "Vegetarianism in world religions", Head of "Buddhism"

"The, meat eaters, destroys the seed of great compassion "
Mahaparinirvana Tomorrow

Modern Buddhism - a system of beliefs and rituals, developed followers of Siddhartha Gautama (563-483 BC. e.), better known as the Buddha. Title “Buddha” It is derived from the Sanskrit root budh, What means “know”, “recognize” or “waken”. therefore “Buddha” means “enlightened”.

Current Buddhists often take different positions with respect to the Buddha's teachings; even as Christ, he did not write himself. But the disciples remembered his words and transmitted to others. Many aspects of his teachings are still controversial in the community of Buddhists, but there are two postulates, unconditionally accepted by all: Buddha attained the highest degree of enlightenment, and his mercy extends to all living creatures.

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For meat destroy not the work of God

from book “Vegetarianism in world religions”, chapter “Christianity”

Raphael. Creation of the animals

Although the New Testament is almost entirely devoted to Christ, about his power, little is known. Nevertheless, many of the early Christians and Christian chroniclers of history unequivocally supported vegetarianism; suffice it to mention such famous names, as binding. Jerome,, Tertullian, St.. John Chrysostom, St.. Benedict, Pope Clement, Evzyebii, Pliny, Pope, Cyprian, Panth REJUVINATING-nous and John Wesley. Same, Christ and the biblical prophets, they proved in word and deed, that mercy and compassion should extend to all creatures of God is much wider, than today's Christians believe.

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About human freedom and how, who fulfills his desires

Bhagavad Gita
Chapter 7
Poem 22

I am seated in everyone's heart as Supersoul, and, when a person wants to worship a particular demigod, I strengthen his faith in this demigod, so he could surrender to him.

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