Dates major astrological events 2019


06.01.2019 - partial solar eclipse

21.01.2019 - Total lunar eclipse

4 – 7.02.2019 - Mars will make its transition from Pisces to your Aries, which would require internal transformation for new beginnings.

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A L H I M I I F I J K and C H O N A N I I

Official Statement from 27. 06. 18g
Valentine Y. Mironov

All mentioned in the video LINKS AND TWO ILLUSTRATIONS (SCHEME OF A NEW TYPE OF DNA AND SPACE PHOTOS ideological god or Bose-Einstein condensate) - a separate file.

To examine them - write on mail .
THE SITE "chebarkul" link in such numbers (more 140 positions) Not displayed.

This work studied, recycled and combined more 120 discoveries.
Collected and edited information about God, physiology, new world.
And that's why.

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Apocalypse now

The Apocalypse of St. John the Theologian, one of the books of the New Testament, It raises many questions and needs clarification. Historian asks questions about the end of the world, that, probably, asked yourself many, who read Revelation carefully. But all these questions already have answers.

By education I am a historian and, Besides, watch closely the, what is happening in our country, and the world at large. certainly, the significance of Christianity in the history of the world is enormous, and those moral and ethical values, preached Christ, remain extremely relevant (suffice it to recall the commandment of selfless love of neighbor). That Christianity (for me as a historian it is important) once identified, even the very modern attitude to history *.

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